Why you should purchase the two-wheeler you always wanted from Topmoto

Motorcycles are essential part of on-road travels. Let’s look at some of the best examples of such vehicles like Chongqing Topmotothat can attract your attention!

Originally based in Tibet, the Summit Motor have extended its monopoly throughout the many provinces of China. ZfycTopmoto specializes in producing motor engines and motor-powered two-wheelers. From traditional motorbikes to choppers, Topmoto effectively produces all. We have gathered quite the popularity over the recent years through our collaboration with big conglomerates. Chongqing Topmoto offers the customers with an array of different kinds of motorcycles to choose from.

Cub Series

The Cub Series one of the things that represent the manufacturer's efficiency in production. Chongqing Topmoto proudly introduces this one of a kind motorbikes. They are a combination of regular standard motorcycle and scooters.

ZfycTopmotofocused on keeping all the advantages of owning a motorbike and scooters. Then they merged their concepts together to conceive the idea of cub motorcycles. They are very reliable and light-weight. And they provide the user with amazing performance.

The Cub Series is a collection of such fine vehicles. You can find their specifications quite reasonable. They come in different shapes and sizes. Choose one of your likings and find out why its such an experience to ride these.

Standard Series and others

ZfycTopmoto also produces traditional motorcycles with affordable prices and brilliant performance. The bikes manufactured here are made with the finest material and through complicated processes to ensure the reliability of our product.

Motorcycles are essential vehicles for workers and non-workers alike. As the engine got smaller the motor industry has gone bigger. Motorcycles have been an important part of our daily schedules. It is used by almost all sects of people and their effect on forming our current society undeniable.

Chongqing Topmoto acknowledges the whole ingenuity of these inventions and strives to innovate them even further. It is a fact that zfycTopmoto is the only regional corporation to cooperate with the well-known icons of the motor industry. Another fact is the ever-growing demand for motorcycles. Here modern technology is utilized to the fullest to produce the finest two-wheeled vehicles. Motorcycles and scooters are very common in our society, and their demand is still rising. Our innovative products can ensure a decrease in wastage and offer the customers with long-lasting bikes.They are made regarding the comfort and satisfaction of the customers.

Tricycles and chopper motorcycles are also available here. As a firm that specializes in making motorbikes, these variations cannot be ignored. There are different kinds of mainstream motorcycles that are used all over the world. Topmoto focuses on producing the best of all of them at a reasonable price.

Tricycles are effective in carrying a high amount of load. It is useful when carrying old or disabled people throughout. One might face problems when sitting at the back of traditional bikes. But these tricycles are equipped with an extra seat with wheels. With the help of this, no one would face any problem carrying heavy luggage with a motorcycle. Topmoto doesn’t spare any resources when making their products effective.

Chopper bikes are considered to be a cultural phenomenon. After their initial use in the WW2, they have gained quite the popularity, and their demand is rising day by day. Chopper motorcycles are mainly made by heavy parts and gears with the least amount of electricity. Because of their simple, intricate structure, they are very sturdy and long-lasting. These bikes will never let you down in times of dire need. And of course, they are very stylish and fashionable. Long rides or work, they can suffice to anyone's needs. Topmoto produces a range of chopper motorcycles that you and your peers will find greatly appealing.


CUB, also called underbone, it is the combination of street motorbikes and scooters. It is the most fuel saving and practical winner of the motorcycle family. It ocupies one third of the motorcycles sold in worldwide. For our company, we have over 200 types of cubs, classic ones, economic ones, fashionable ones, any kind of cubs, you can find it with us.




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