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China Brand Show(Colombia)Virtual&Actual

When 2020 ends and 2021 comes,we all hope the dark days have gone and what comes nest is the bright future.But, quite on the contrary,the situation seems getting much worse in 2021.So during the pandemic,how do we meet?How can we introduce our product to


Are electric Motorcycles worth it?

The first electric motorcycle originated in the late 1880s. Thanks to the brilliance of several creative minds today, Ebikes are available in several styles and designs. However, the primary aim is to allow riders to enjoy a smooth ride using cleaner tec


Why the Cub Series Motorcycle is a scooter for everyone?

The cub series motorcycle was first introduced in 1958 by Honda. Today, several other brands produce this category of motorcycles, and it happens to be the highest-selling motorcycle in the world. The simplicity of riding and operating it is the reason b


How the Chopper Motorcycle came into being?

Motorcycles Before we get to the choppers, let’s take a look at what the traditional motorcycle is. A motorcycle has two wheels and is a single-track vehicle. This vehicle is the cheapest motorized mode of transport in the world. It has an aluminum


Chopper Motorcycle customizations

There are all kinds of riders, and within the riders community, you will find a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who love minimalism. They want two-wheelers that are fast, powerful, low-maintenance, and strong. No need for any fancy aesthetics, just the b


All you need to know about the Bobber/Chopper Motorcycle

What is a chopper motorcycle? Choppers were once known as the poor man's racing bike. Back in the 50s and 60s, society did not find any practical use for sports bikes. The army and police departments sold off the surplus Harleys through auctions to the lo


From Super Cub C125 TO our COCO 110

In 1958, a motorcycle was developed by HONDA, aim to” provide durability, convenience and fun for people”. And this is the Super cub C100! For 60 years, the sales quantity has been accumulated up to one hundred million units, it is an amazing



How much does a motorcycle normally cost?? No doubt, this is the question that people care about most when they want to buy motorcycles. And first, we need to know that the prices really differ great according to the displacement and specific configuratio


How to ride a motorcycle with gear?

As we know, except scooters, for cub, standards type, chopper, off-road or racer,we need to change gears while driving according to different situations. Now we are going to talk about how to change gears.


National leaders visited Summit Motor


In 2000 famous star Mr.Ke represents Summit Motor


In Nipal, Minister of Commerce is talking with the vice GM of Summit Motor

In Nipal, Minister of Commerce is talking with the vice GM of Summit Motor