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Discover our cub motorcycle series. Proudly manufactured in Chongqing, this series is the ultimate combination of original design, leading performance and comfort.

Why You Should Buy One Of The Cub Series Bike This Summer

Let the summer haze pass by riding one of the finest Tibetan two-wheelers introduced in the Cub Motorcycle Series. Learn more here.

The Cub Motorcycle Series introduced by Summit Motors offers a wide range of light and efficient motorbikes that are suitable for most environments. Whether you are traveling for a little soul-searching or going to work on a busy day, the Cub Series has the right of two-wheeler for you. Equipped modern gear and comfortable features, these motorcycles can take you anywhere you want without the fuss of a conventional sporting bike. Don’t let the summer heat get in the way of your plans.

Embrace The Elegancy of the Finest Motor Engines

The manufacturer of the Cub Series acknowledges the history of motorcycles that stretches over almost a century. The vehiclesincluded in Cub Motorcycle Series, you’ll find that they are quite up-to-par. Any motorist or motor enthusiast will recognize the Cub Series utilization of this century-old progress of motorengines and made an array of light-weight bikes. They are not as hefty as the traditional sporting bikes but come with all the good bits. The specifications of the Cub Series are quite similar to each other, but each of them has special features that make them stand out.

The seats are comfortable and even adjustable in some of them.A variety of brake mechanisms and an array of wheels can be seen on each of them. The gears are as smooth as pearls. The vehicles themselves are very light-weight and very easy to maneuver in tight situations. The Cub Motorcycle Series will never let you down in terms of performance.

Impress Bystanders and Your Friends

The Cub Series include a variation of motorcycles, not only of different functions but also of different aesthetics. With vibrant and attractive colors, you’ll find both classical and modern design motorcycle in the Cub Motorcycle Series. It’s no problem if you prefer to be less noticeable. The Cub Series also offersbikes of modest color and design, which you’ll be pleased to see.

The Cub Motorcycle Series doesn’t lack in colors. Radiate your energy through shades of blue and white or red and black. Or maybe keep all the fun to yourself and choose the black and gray colored bikes. If you feel like a classical person, why not ride the one with the round headlights, and if you are more focused on the now, there are still a lot of options to choose from in the Cub Motorcycle Series.

Adaptability For Any Environment

In the Cub Series, each model is ideal for a certain environment. The Cub Motorcycles Series isn’t just a collection of bikes. Its collection of survivors. Exclude all the inconvenience of a sports bike and keep all the good bits. The two-wheelers in Cub Motorcycles Series are suitable for most climates. The bikes can be maneuvered easily. Never again get stuck in heated traffic in the middle of summer. Simply slither your way out with the Cub Series’ motorbike.

Don’t let the mild heat let you ruin your plans of traveling. The Cub Motorcycle Series has a lot of bikes appropriate for long-distance voyages. Let the summer haze pass by riding one of the finest Tibetan two-wheelers introduced in the Cub Motorcycle Series.


The Cub Motorcycle Series offers you various motorcycle choices that are appropriate for vast circumstances. The summer heat isn’t going to be a major problem for your weekend plans. The easy maneuverability ensures that you don’t have to stay static in the scolding sun during heavy traffic. The Cub Series is a collection determined by motor mechanics that can last quite long. Consider buying one the Cub Series collection’s esteemed bikes and find out yourself what it’s all about.

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